What’s in store for Reedy Creek – Bond Buyer

Chip Barinternett: (00:03)
Howdy and welcome To A particular Bond Purchaser podcast, I am Chip Barinternett. My visitors right now are Natalie Cohen, sHe is the Founding father of The genperiodl public Purse and Nationwide Municipal Evaluation, and John Mousseau, He is the Prefacetnt and Chief Authorities Officer at Cumberland Advisors. We’re gonna be Taking A lookay at what’s been occurring in Florida, particularally, the battle between Governor Ron DeSantis and the Disney Agency over current legal guidelines on intercourse education and public schools And the method this has affected particular districts, particularly Reedy Creek. Welcome to the Bond Purchaser.

Natalie Cohen: (00:36)
Thanks Chip.

John Mousseau: (00:37)
Thanks Chip. Thanks for having us.

Chip Barinternett: (00:39)
Properly, let’s Take A lookay at The drawback first. Are you able to give us Barely againfloor on what’s been Happening?

Natalie Cohen: (00:46)
So To place factors into context, I needed To solely level out particular districts Usually. They’re typinamey headed by a enterprise curiosity, typinamey a property developer. Lots of them start as dust, therefore the nickidentify, dust bonds, and a developer or his company or her company comes Collectively with a imaginative and prescient of whOn the land might Discover your self to be Finally and constructs out from tright here places the sticks Inside The beneathfacet and a particular …….


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