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Investors divided on the benefits of buyer’s agents – Elite Agent

Australian buyrs are divided about whether or not or not They might use a buyr’s agent, with many feeling they don’t symbolize good worth for money, Based mostly on new evaluation.

A survey carried out by buyr’s agency Unikorn Enterprise Property found 44 per cent of Australians would use a buyr’s agent wright hereas The exact similar decide Wouldn’t.

Of people who Wouldn’t use a buyr’s agent, 40 per cent said it was as a Outcome of they have been too costly or felt it was a waste Of money.

Unikorn Enterprise Property Director Helen Tarrant said the survey of 1000 Aussies, who had invested or who have been Making an try To take a place, conagencyed people nonethemuch less believed myths Regarding the Industry.

Of people who wouldn’t use a buyr’s agent, one in six said it was as a Outcome of they felt buyr’s brokers have been sneaky or had ulterior motives.

“What’s exactly fascinating is that the evaluation found 80 per cent of consumers have and would enter the property market With none teaching or education,” she said.

“Inside the day and age Of information, everyone Seems like They will leap onto Google and Uncover strategies To buy a house or a commercial block. However For somebody who’s truly been by way of The tactic, it’s not often ever That simple.


Source: https://eliteagent.com/investors-divided-on-the-benefits-of-buyers-agents/

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