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Despite Seller Pushback, Amazon Revises Buyer-Cancellation Process – EcommerceBytes

Regardless of protests from vendors when Amazon introduced A mannequin new Method of notifying vendors of purchaser cancellation requests, The agency started implementing the change final week, it introduced yesterday.

Amazon had informationrmed vendors in February that It Will not ship the cancelation-request notices by way of The client-vendor messaging system as of April. On the time, Amazon defined:

“We acquired suggestions from Lots of you That you merely Want to have A greater course of to cancel orders with out having To hunt for purchaser cancelation requests Inside the Buyer-Seller messaging system. You shared that It Might be straightforward To overlook seeing cancelation requests as a Outcome of they get misplaced amongst a quantity of purchaser-vendor messages, which if left unattended Might Discover your self in product returns and refunds.”

In April, Amazon delayed implementation of the coverage and provided further information, collectively with informationrming vendors It’d proceed to ship notification of all purchaser-initiated order cancellation requests by way of e-mail (however not by way of messaging).

On this week’s announcement, Amazon said it had started to rollout The mannequin new expertise for Buyer Requested Cancellations on Might 19 which it anticipated to be finalized by Might 29.

Through the transition, consumers are In a place to submit cancellation requests by way of the Buyer Seller Messages or by way of The mannequin new cancellation expertise by way of the Handle …….

Source: https://www.ecommercebytes.com/2022/05/26/despite-seller-pushback-amazon-revises-buyer-cancellation-process/

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