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Aspiring home buyers shift expectations in hot housing market – NPR

Extreme prices and a low Quantity of houses Out there on the market has been problem For A lot Of usa residents hoping To buy. NPR’s Sacha Pfeiffer talks with two house hunters about navigating the market.


For Many people, It is exhausting To Search out A side of our funds that hasn’t been affected by the financial second we’re in now. That options people making an try To buy a house. Home prices are high, and the Quantity Of houses Out there on the market Is comparatively low. It is A nasty combination for consumers. So What’s it Want to Bear The house searching course of These days? Laura Lux and Jasmine Nazarett are going To inform us. Laura is Inside the midst of her Search for a house outfacet Atlanta, Ga. And Jasmine is about To close on A house in Northern Virginia. Welcome to you each.



PFEIFFER: Would You start us off by explaining why at this particular second in time You are making an try To buy a house? Because it seems that evidently if somebody Does not Want to do it now, They’ve to in all probability Attempt and primarytain away from it. And, Jasmine, would You start us off? Why have been you wanting?

NAZARETT: The rationale I begined wanting is as a Outcome …….

Source: https://www.npr.org/2022/05/21/1100562868/aspiring-home-buyers-shift-expectations-in-hot-housing-market

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